About me

My name is Susanne Dalsgaard. I am 55 years old and the mother of two grown-up kids.

I have a mercantile education from 1984, a trained display artist in 1986, then sign writer and finally graphical designer at a local newspaper, Skive Folkeblad.

In 1996 I choose to become self-employed and today I own the company DagmarNjord which works with decor, interior design, garden design and creativity. 

To me playfulness in everyday life is vital and a deliberate choice. Life, put quite simply, becomes more fun if you let it free and move away from usual behavior. In my world the odd, peculiar and colorful is what drives me. I love getting up in the morning not knowing which ideas will develop during the day and only rarely does it turn out the way I first imagined. I love being marveled, amazed and surprised by the little things in everyday life. To be inspired by a color, scent, a sight or a sound, and daring to go with projects that I, five minutes ago, did not know existed.

In my world it is never a long way from idea to action. Often the process is filled with obstacles and many laughs (and admittedly also a bit of cursing and swearing) and a ton of valuable mistakes to learn from. With almost 36 years of mistakes in the backpack I am now able to avoid the most basic mistakes ;0)

My big passion is design, art, garden and interior design. I love colors and their impact on our minds and how scents, lights and sounds can impact our state of mind. What mechanisms come into effect when we form the transmitter substance dopamine in the brain? Dopamine plays a crucial role for the driving forces behind all positively motivated actions, actions which are associated with the experience of well-being. Dopamine is thus triggered in many situations. The transmitter substance also reinforces the urge to be able to resume the dopamine triggering situation again and again.

In my experience playfulness, creativity, colors, light, scents and sounds are strong driving forces in the dopamine formation. Often, a lovely scent can make us happy without us being able to put a finger on what exactly triggered it. This is exactly why playfulness, creativity, colors, lights, sounds and scents are so important. Because they all affect us and make us happy.

The sole purpose of this DagmarNjord blog is to share my passion for the joy of playing. I hope you, who now choose to spend a little of your precious time on my blog, will be able to take some of my joy in playing with you, and if I am lucky, you will feel inspired. Best regards, Susanne ;0)