Build the most beautiful hammock garden

It is easy and inexpensive to build this hammock garden.

It requires 11 pcs. 10×10 cm. 3 m. posts, 2 pcs. 10×10 cm. 2.7 m. posts, 15 cm long screws, 2 rionet, 4 hammock hooks, black paint, 4 pcs. 40×40 cm. tiles and 2 hammocks. Below is a picture of the garden where the hammock garden is being built.

Posts are ready for painting before they are cast down.

The posts are cast down by drilling holes with a pile driver and post concrete. You can see how to drill holes here

4 pcs. tiles are laid so that the large jar stands stable. When I had to dig out for the tiles, I found an old spike stone under the grass and I had to break it up first 😉

Hammock hooks are drilled in the posts, here 90 cm. up, and the hammocks are easily hung up. Finally, the rionet is placed on the posts as a trellis, which is planted with ivy in the autumn.

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