The bracelet looks like a million but is made in 30 minutes.

In fact, it all started with the fine earring from Vibe Harsløf, called an earwrap, which sits on the edge of the ear. I am so fond of the earring, but I missed a bracelet like that and then the idea of this bracelet grew.

The bracelet is made of a memory wire for bracelets, stainless steel, 0.6 mm, gold plated brass bead string, metal beads 2.5 mm in gold and turquoise, jade, rose quartz, freshwater pearls, amethyst, cherry quarts and malakit.

Start by bending the wire around in a small oval with a pair of pliers. Pull on a metal bead, then a bead tube, metal bead and then you continue as you fancy. Finish with a metal bead. How many spirals the bracelet should have you choose yourself. This bracelet has 6 spiral circles. Once you’ve pulled the beads you want on your wire, use the pliers and bend the spiral into an oval, then you’ll cut the wire with a diagonal cutter. Your bracelet is now ready to wear.

There are many different beads and colors. The beads used here are between 0.4 mm to 1.2 cm. And typically cost between 2DKK-to 12DKK. You can also make your bracelet with silver tubes and metal beads- or mix both.

The bracelet is an amazing, easy and inexpensive gift to make for someone else – or for yourself ;0) Enjoy.

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