DIY Christmas lollypop ornaments

Beautiful and easy Christmas lollypop ornaments are quick to make and can be used on the Christmas tree, in the Christmas decoration, in the Christmas card or on the Christmas gift. They can be made in many sizes, here in small lollipops as well as larger as gift tag cards.

They are made on small wooden slices cut from firewood knots, a photo print, a little bit of a wooden barbecue stick and a small bow.

Start cutting wooden slices from the firewood knot. The small lollipops are approx. 5cm. dia. and the “on and off” cards are approx. 8cm. dia.

Find some photos of lollypops online and print them out on 100g. printer paper. I have collected a lot of photos on one piece of paper so I can have many prints on one piece of paper.

Cut out the prints and glue them to the wooden slice with a glue stick or tree glue. Drill a small hole in the top of the slice for hanging.

Take a wooden barbecue stick (can be bought in all grocery stores) and paint it with a tusch. Here they are painted black but can be just the color you like best. Cut it into pieces of approx. 5cm. and glue them on the wooden slice with the glued print. If you want your lollypop frosted, spray the wooden slice with the print with spray glue and sprinkle snow glitter on. Next, tie a small bow and glue it on as shown. Fit a ribbon in the lollipop and tie a knot. Your lollypop is done.

On the gift tag cards there is no stick on but you can do it as you like. Have fun; 0)

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