My almost daily quest for quirky and funny things in recycled shops, flea markets and trunk markets often lead to “new” things coming home. Perhaps too often; 0) but great was the joy when I saw this lovely elephant lamp, which, with a little gold spray from Belton, was given new life.

Belton spray paint is very easy to work with, but you have to remember to spray only in thin layers. In return, you can spray the second time after only 20 min. Then you must wait until the next day before you spray again. If you spray too thick layers, the paint will run, so patience and thin layers ;0)

 This lamp is sprayed three times. In addition, the lamp has been given a new cord and stands now and trumpets in my kitchen.

The lamp is found at the Aarhus Klunserne in Lading. The Aarhus Klunsere is a great volunteer and humanitarian organization that creates value through the sale of recycled items – an organization following my heart.

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