The green recycling bench

The green bench is a result of 2 old used chairs that I found at a flea market.

I have just opened my own Christmas shop in the heart of Viborg in Denmark and needed a bench for decoration in my Christmas window. With a remnant wooden board and the two of the chairs, the bench was quickly built.

Started by carefully disassembling the chairs. The back of the chair is preserved where the legs go straight through. The front legs are cut off. Next, I cut another plate with the 4 notches where the backs bind in the plate. Then, on the back of the plate, I measured out where I would like to place the 2 loose legs. Then I drilled holes in the legs and plate. Put glue in the holes and glued them together with dowels (small wooden sticks). The end plate that forms the legs on the other side of the bench is similarly put together with the bench plate. By drilling three holes through the countertop down into the top of the legroom and then gluing together with dowels. I have drilled 2 extra screws in down through the worktop and the leg.

I have screwed screws into the 4 dowels to stabilize the glued legs. Then I filled with wood putty on top of the screws to cover the holes so you can not see where the screws are afterwards. After 4 hours I sanded so that the top was completely smooth and ready for painting.

Then I painted the bench with wood paint. When the bench was dry, I mounted a cover foil on the worktop with my company name. Now only the letters could be painted. Then I sprayed the letters gold colored and when they were dry I glued gold leaf on top of the letters. They were allowed to dry til the next day where I could peel off the cover foil, so that only the letters remained in gold. Finally, I varnished the bench with wood varnish 3 times.

The bench now stands and adorns one of the windows of my Christmas shop. Recycling is fun, cheap and common sense and I got my Christmas bench: 0)

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