Designer finds, recycled gold and humanitarian work. At the Aarhus Klunsere in Lading, just 15 km from Aarhus, these 3 things go hand in hand. They are a trinity.

If you, as I am, are crazy about recycling, design finds, humanitarian work and creativity then the Aarhus Klunserne is the place to go. I have no numbers on how many recycled treasures I have found here over the years. You can find ANYTHING here. Daily, new donations are carried into the store by the many volunteers who spend their free time supporting the vital project, helping people around the world. People who have not been quite as lucky as you and me.

You will find everything – from Kay Bojesen’s big Monkey from 1951 to furniture in all shapes, lamps, paintings, toys, electronics, books, kitchenware, clothes, shoes and the most beautiful used art stuff. It’s simple win-win. Wonderful things for cheap price and you help people in need. What’s NOT to like?

Aarhus Klunserne is a volunteer and humanitarian relief organization established in 1984. Their objective is to support projects all over the world.
For more than 30 years, Aarhus Klunserne have been dealing with humanitarian work by selling used items which have been donated to the organization.
For example, the surplus goes to support projects around the world as well as much more. The shop is packed with almost everything in recycled stuff for cheap money – books, CDs, clothing, hardware, furniture, electronics and much more.
Visit them and make a bargain while supporting a humanitarian cause.

The Aarhus Klunserne is open every day of the week from 12.00 – 16.00 and bus 114 runs directly from the heart of Aarhus to Lading many times daily.
You will be able to follow the Aarhus Klunsere on my blog. See you in Lading ;0)

I bought the small beautiful green glass bowl after I made the photo shot, and now it stands beside an understated turquoise glass vase found 14 days ago at Aarhus Klunserne.

The great-looking Kosta Boda bowl designed by Gunnel Sahlin is another example of a find from Århus Klunserne.

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