Advent Wreath – an old Danish tradition

Finally its Advent. This year, my Advent wreath has become a modern version of the well-known old tradition. The purple (liturgical color), the red Christmas color, the green, bows, nature, holly and balls. The Advent wreath is made in a wicker basket and with an oasis at the bottom.

The Advent wreath is a Christmas tradition that came to Denmark from Germany around the First World War.

The four candles of the Advent wreath symbolize the four Advent Sundays before Christmas, and one lights a candle every Sunday. The first Sunday in Advent a candle is lit, the second Sunday both the first and a new one are lit and so on. In some places in the world, the tradition has been that there was also a larger candle in the middle, which was lit on Christmas Eve.

In the beginning, purple ribbons were used for the Advent wreath, as it is the liturgical color for the Advent season. Today, all colors are used, but typically red and white. Previously, the Advent wreath hung in ribbons in the ceiling, but now it is just as often on the table.

The traditional spruce wreath is also no longer a permanent tradition. You can buy many different Advent candles today, where there is room for the four candles.

Start by putting oasis in a basket or bowl. Put moss or something else in the bottom. Place the candle holders where you want them.

Tie loops. Here are bound 8 in different colors. Glue 2 loops together crosswise and attach it with a steel wire. Put the decoration you want, here fabric roses, balls, cones, decorative green and holly. Finally, sprinkle a little snow glitter over roses and cones. The candles are put in and the Advent wreath is finished. Have fun and happy Advent; 0)

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