It is easy to decorate a giant Christmas ball. These balls are made for ‘Den Gamle By’ in Aarhus and hang in the yellow pavilion in the 1974 part of the city. The balls are made of plastic.

Start by tying 2 bows, here in two different red colors. Then, glue the 2 bows together with a glue gun. Turn the ball upside down and glue the bows on the center of the bottom of the ball.

Next, I glued a giant acorn in the middle of the bow. Then I sprayed a bit of the bow with glue spray and sprinkled with snow glitter.

I found a bouquet of artificial glitter stamens and cut out 3 stamens and then glued them along the arable net with glue gun. Next, they are hung up in red ribbons.

Would you like to see the big Christmas balls in real life then you must have a stroll through ‘Den Gamle By’ Aarhus. It’s so nice. Or make one (or more) yourself. Enjoy.

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