Green upcycling.

Make a green oasis in a jiffy. I have been on a recycling hunt and found this beautiful old wicker sofa for 100 DKK and the fine basket for 65 DKK as well as an old white pot for 40 DKK at Århus Klunserne in Lading. Two embroideries are sewn on striped fabric, a red glass vase for 10 DKK and an old cotton blanket for 50 DKK was found at another charity shop. The beautiful old earthenware frame is from Aluminia and is called Sigurd, and a lovely old heirloom from my grandmother in the form of a jug shaped like a dog. 6 cans of green spray paint at 39 DKK bought at Silvan makes the difference. Sofa and basket are sprayed several times for one day and are ready to use the day after. Recycling is fun, easy and makes sense ;0)

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