1920´s Art Deco of recycling

I love the Art Deco style.

Art Deco is an abbreviation for “art decoratifs” (originally Style Modern) and is a style in architecture and design.

The style can best be described as a kind of decorative modernism. The very concept of Art Deco was first introduced as a style designation in the 1960s. The name was an abbreviation for the exhibition of applied art and industrial design in Paris in 1925.

Recycling is great. 2 recycled chairs found at a flea market for DKK 45 have turned into fun and colorful 1920s chairs with great personality for DKK 200. It does not require much to make the chairs, only some Anders And leaves, glue varnish, gold spray, gold leaf, 1 m. Fabric and 2 m. Silver furniture tape.

Here are the 2 recycling chairs as they looked when I found them. I started by dismantling the seats and cleaning the chairs. Then I spray-painted the cross in the middle of the chair edge gold. I have sprayed gold 2 times.

When the spray paint was dry, I started brushing, Anders And cut out pictures with glue varnish. It is easy and cozy work.First brush the glue varnish on, place the cut-out and then brush it with a little more glue varnish. Continue to brush / glue clippings on the chair.

When the chair was finished, I brushed some glue on the gold cross and carefully applied a little gold leaf (leaf metal) to give the gold cross depth.

Then the seats should have a new cover. I cut a piece of fabric so there was plenty of fabric to wrap the seat in. I started by clipping the fabric firmly with a staple gun, first one side as shown, then the opposite side as I pull on the fabric so it gets tight. Next one side and then the opposite side while I tighten the fabric. Next, clip the fabric around the edges as shown.

When the seats were upholstered, I put it in place in the chairs.

The silver furniture tape was glued along the edge with a glue chair and then the chairs were finished. Festive and colorful. Total price of 2 chairs: DKK 245. Recycling is fun, cheap and so it suits our environment; 0)

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