Donald Duck Decoupage Platter

I have a lot of fun doing decoupage. It’s light and cozy work and then it’s cheap. The dish here is made of an old bamboo dish found for cheap and some Donald Duck comics. Add some lacquer glue and brush. Here, everyone can join from child to old.

It is a fun gift and decorative and recycling at it’s very best :0)

Start by cleaning the dish or whatever you want to decorate. Next, cut the pictures out of the Donald Duck comics that you would like to use. Here I cut all the pink pictures I could find. They are best found in Donald Duck comics from the 1970s and 1980s. 

Gently grease lacquer glue on the dish and brush the pictures carefully on. When all images are brushed on, it should dry.
When the dish is completely dry, brush it with clear varnish, partly to make it strong in the surface, partly to give it a beautiful finish. It’s so easy.  Enjoy ;0)

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