The 5 most famous paintings in the world “Girl with pearl earring”

Johannes Vermeer, October 31, 1632 to March 12, 1675 (age 42)

The 5 most famous paintings in the world are not just about paintings, but to a large extent also about the arts behind the famous brushstrokes. I have chosen to find 5 large recycling jars and make my interpretation of each painting. My interpretation is thus a mirror of all those interpretations, but on an old recycling jar.

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter who is considered one of the most talented painters of the Northern European Baroque. Only 35 paintings are certainly painted by Johannes Vermeer; perhaps the most famous is Girl with Pearl Earring (also called the Nordic Mona Lisa).

The famous motif of a young woman with the recognizable blue headdress as well as a prominent pearl earring in the left ear was painted in 1665.

The painting has lived a turbulent life, as it was disappeared for 200 years, until it appeared at an art auction in The Hague in 1881. In 1994, it underwent a total restoration, where the unique colors were recreated. The oil painting’s fame has given it the name “Nordic Mona Lisa”.

This jar which is a flea find was self-written for “Girl with pearl earring” as it has the “2 earrings”. I sanded it lightly with fine sandpaper and then spray painted the top and one ring black and then the other ring gold.

I searched for all the interpretations I could find on “Girl with Pearl Earring” and printed them out on plain printer paper. Then I cut out all the prints and decoupaged them on the jar with decoupage glue and a brush. The prints are glued on completely random and where I thought it looked nice. That decoupage is a fun puzzle. When all the prints were glued in place, the jar stood and dried for 24 hours and then it was brushed with 3 coats of wood varnish, one coat at a time.

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