Decorate with recycling and colors

I love recycling. It’s fun to find beautiful and quirky things at flea markets and thrift stores. On the one hand, it is much cheaper, it provides a much more personal decor and then it suits our environment. In other words, win-win.

When you, like me, use many colors in my decor, there are some basic rules that are good to follow. Clean up the colors and make groups with the same color. If too many colors are collected or sprinkled all over the room, our eyes cannot find rest and the brain becomes confused by too many sensory impressions.

In the pictures below, it is the blue and yellow colors that dominate. Like sky and sun. It indirectly makes us think about nature. 1/3 of the world’s population has blue as their favorite color, which is not random — sky and sea. The calm and basic.

This group is blue, now along with turquoise and green colors. The blue color with a twist of turquoise reminds us of peppermint and coolness as a counterweight to the warm bottle of green. Depending on what color the bonfire is combined with radiates the color in a special way. Blue is also my favorite color.

The green colors remind us of spring, plants, trees and lushness. The green color is soothing. Here I have chosen to paint hunting trophies in the same green color as the wall to create shadows and contrasts.

The incredibly beautiful handmade bowl with flowers is made by the Danish ceramicist Jørgen Søe. All other green glass things are flea finds.

This red group are DIY projects except for the beautiful rug which is a flea find with a familiar pattern called “Tree of Life”. The dish is made of an Donald Duck magazine with decoupage, the garden bench, an Edvard Lutyens bench which I painted lacquer red when I built the large garden god-gon. The floor vase is made of a recycled vase, berries with a little paint and a little metal gold.

It’s nice and cheap to play with old, used plates. Find some patterns and colors and hang them up as you like. Here it is a mixture of porcelain, wood and copper.

Old recycled floor pots are always a hit. The nice old pots with bird motifs are from Danica, Skive in Denmark.

Danish Aluminia is one of my collectible objects. The series here are approx. 100 years old but very modern in their style. The dark greens are from the series Solbjerg, Bremerholm and Marselis. The light green series is Sigurd.

Iconic Danish design with Kay Bøjesen guards and postman. Mouth-blown champagne flutes (glass), a collection of red glass and the world-famous Red-Blue chair by Gerrit Rietveld with homemade tables.

Striped glass is always beautiful. Here is a collection of recycled finds. That’s what’s so funny. To go in search of things and find another striped vase for the collection.

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