This cake is made with vanilla cake bottoms, cake cream, macrons, raspberry mousse, different colored marzipan and Kitkat chocolate bars on the side. The cake here is made for 30 people and weighs about 4 kg. The recipe for the cake here is the same as on Christmas cake, just 4 times the portion.

The cake is molded up in a shape and on this cake cake-foil is used in the mold. The cake is put on frost until the mousse has set. The kitkat chocolate bar is attached with melted chocolate and held in place with the checkered bow ribbon.

Next, two ducks in yellow marzipan and two red marzipan beaks are shaped and “glued” to the ducks with a little cold water. Eyes are drawn on with a black food marker. White bubbles are made of white marzipan rolled between the palms and it all “glued” on the blue marzipan ‘water’ surface. Eventually, red marzipan rolls are shaped as the child’s name. The cake is stored on the cool until it is to be eaten. Enjoy ;0)  

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