Diy Christmas napkin rings of toilet paper rolls

The beautiful Christmas napkin rings are so easy to make. They are made of toilet rolls, some crepe paper, a gold star strip, some artificial holly and a red berry.

They decorate the Christmas table immensely and keep track of the napkins. You can also make napkin rings and use them as a hostess gift.

Start by dividing a toilet roll into 3 equal pieces. they can be cut or trimmed. Next, cut crepe paper to fit around the ring as shown in the photo where the ring is rolled.

I use spray glue but you can also glue with a glue stick. Spray / spread glue on the entire surface of the paper and roll the paper on as shown.

When the paper is glued on as shown, the sides are put into the ring, one side at a time, and pressed firmly onto the inside of the ring.

Take a piece of star strip paper or similar. and cut / cut out thin gold strips. Glue them along the edge as shown.

Finally glue with glue chair / glue leaves and berries on the ring. Your Christmas napkin ring is done. Have fun; 0)

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