DIY New Year’s rockets and napkin rings of toilet rolls

Toilet rolls are plentiful in this world and you can just as well use them for something fun instead of throwing them out. Like here, New Year’s rockets and napkins ring in cheerful colors. They are quick and easy to make.

You will need toilet rolls, straws, colored paper (here crepe paper and glitter paper), streamers and stars (you can cut any yourself) as well as glue (glue gun).

Start by gluing a piece of paper on a toilet roll as shown. I use spray glue. It’s easy and fast. When the paper is glued around the roll, press the ends into the roll as shown.

Next, cut a circle of 10.5 cm. dia, cut it out and into equal two large parts. Twist it together as shown and glue it.

Spread glue around the edge of the toilet roll and attach the rocket head. Apply a little glue on the bottom edge and sprinkle a little glitter on.

Glue the straw as shown and cut 2 pieces of a stream and glue them next to the straw.

Glue a little glitter on as shown and then glue a star on. Then your New Year’s rocket is done. It is easy. Have fun; 0)

The napkin rings are made in the same way as the rocket. But here a glitter pipe cleaner is glued around the edge. Each toilet roll is divided into 3 equal pieces, approx. 3.2 cm. It is also light and fast and looks great on the table.

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