Huge spruce cone in Christmas mood

Make a spruce cone forest over the Christmas table. It’s easy and fast. The large pine cones also called maritime cones can be purchased online. In addition, 1 red bow, a small bird, 3 twigs of artificial spruce, silver and snow glitter, spray glue and evn. as here a wooden flag. It could also be a pair of grain ears as shown in the picture with green ribbon.

Start by drilling a hole in the top of the cone. Bend a piece of steel wire to a “hairpin” and glue with glue gun down the hole and insert the “hairpin” into the filled glue hole. Let dry.

Then first spray the cone from below and in between the cone shells with spray glue and sprinkle with silver glitter. Then spray from top to bottom on the cone and sprinkle silver glitter on the outside of the cone.

Tie a bow and glue it on top of the cone. Glue the bird on and then the 3 twigs artificial spruce. Then spray a little spray glue on the decoration and sprinkle with snow glitter. Insert a red ribbon into the “hairpin” and tie a knot. Your cone is done. It is easy. Have fun; 0)

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