From waste to art

Mussels shells from a fish soup, 3 old discarded dolls and some sticks from the garden. 
I thought it was fun to challenge myself and use what should be thrown out anyway. It costs no money – only a little glue, a little gold spray, an oasis ball and 6 small “gemstones”.

It has all turned into a golden tree firmly planted in one of my favorite pots made by a Lithuanian potter named Dangria.

The oyster shells come from a wonderful dinner with my neighbors and when we had eaten I asked if I could have the shells. I found the dolls in a rubbish bin and the sticks are storm waste from my beautiful linden tree which stands out in the courtyard.

I started by cutting the hair off the dolls and then putting glue from a glue chair on the head of the dolls to give them a different head shape. The glue needs to be applied several times but it hardens in just a few minutes so it goes quickly.Keep putting glue on until the head has the shape you want.

Then I painted a stick striped and spray painted 3 other gold.

I stuck the painted sticks into an oasis ball to know where they were going to be later and know where the bottom of the tree was. I pulled the sticks out again and started gluing the mussels shells onto the ball. I have glued them on crosswise without any kind of structure. They are glued on with a glue gun.

Then I glued the 3 gold sprayed sticks in the holes in the bottom I had previously made so I had something to hold on to while I sprayed the ball. When it was dry, it takes approx. a little hour, I glued the striped stick firmly.

On a few shells I have glued a little leaf silver on with a glue stick just by rubbing a little of the silver ball on with my fingers. Finally, I put dry oasis in the pot and pressed the branches down so they are firmly in place and put some moss in the bottom.

Finally, I glued 6 small “gemstones” on the dolls’ heads. It is not hard. You can make art out of all kinds of rubbish and it’s fun; 0)

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