Nostalgia Christmas cones with glossy pictures

Beautiful nostalgia Christmas cones with glossy pictures are really old-fashioned Christmas decorations.

Glossy images originate from Germany in the 1860s.

In the beginning, these were black and white motifs that could be hand-painted for extra payment.

The invention of color lithography enabled colored gloss images. In the beginning there were only square pictures, but in 1 there were also punched pictures and some even printed with relief and with silver glitter, and glossy pictures with angels began to appear.

The colored glossy pictures were originally seen in the German bakeries, where they were used to decorate cakes. Later, they were then used as a decorative element for Christmas cards.

The glossy pictures were made with many different motifs that appealed to both boys and girls. Around 1880, Santa Claus emerged as a motif, and in the 1920s, Santa Clauses followed suit. Glossy pictures with Christmas motifs were of course seasonal, just as Easter got its own motifs.

In Denmark, glossy images were produced during World War II, i.a. with Christian 10. on horseback. Glossy pictures were for many children in the past a large collection object, which was inserted into booklets and scrapbooks.

Start by gluing crepe paper on paper, I use 100g. printer paper. Cut out a shape in cardboard to draw on. This shape is a 1/4 circle that I have cut a small part of so it is not quite a 1/4. Then the shop will not be so wide at the top.

Next, I cut the cones out with a zigzag scissors.

Cut two strips out of crepe paper and glue it together 1cm. in so the rest just lies double as shown. Then cut the fringe down to the glued cm.

Draw with fits a line one cm. down at the back of the hawker house. Apply glue with a glue stick above the line and glue the fringe edge on with the back side up. When you turn the crimper housing, the fringe edge will be glued straight on as shown.

Turn the cone into place and glue it along the edge. Insert a pair of scissors into the cone as a counterweight so you can press the glued edges together without pressing the cone flat. Next, the glossy paper is glued on the picture.

Glue crepe paper on both sides of paper, cut with a zigzag scissors one side and glue a thin red ribbon on the outside of the handle. Glue the handle on.

Spray with glue spray the tip of the cone and sprinkle with snow glitter. Then your shopkeeper is done. Have fun; 0).

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