To write text and images on your walls, gives you a very personal home.
It expresses thoughts and gives an insight into the person who lives there, and also it is a fun and rewarding process. I am a trained sign painter and often use the opportunity to paint recipes, sayings or quotes on beams and wall surfaces. Our old family recipes are thus, in addition to being treasured and in use, become a fun and personal decoration in my home.

I also have a fondness for sayings and quotes, just as funny little drawings often find their way on my wall surfaces.
The good thing about it is that it is easy to paint over again if you don’t bother looking at it more or would like to paint something else on your wall.

And it’s simple to do. On your PC, you must write the text you want to paint in the font you want, enlarge the text to the desired size and then print the text out on paper. When the text is large and long , print it out on many pieces of paper and then cut and tape the paper together into a long piece of paper.

Next, tape the paper text to the wall where you want to paint your text. Place a piece of tracing paper between text and wall. Draw with pencil along the text edges so that the text now, via the tracing paper, is on the wall.

You will need a fine thin brush to paint along the marked lines on the wall.
Do not use thick paint. It is harder to work with. Most paints can be diluted with water. 
It is quite a lot of work and takes time, but the result will be fine and it is a fun process. It’s pretty easy ;0).  Have fun with your writing on the wall.

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