I fell for this fine recycled figure as I thought it was interesting. It reminds me of a Nautilus and Pac-man in the same figure. But the figure was also a little boring. Kind of like food without salt. So, I found gold foil and glue and got started.

First, I brushed glue inside the circle and applied the gold foil a little at a time around the whole circle.

Then I brushed down the rays and put gold foil in the narrow stripes. It is a time-consuming job to work with gold foil but also cozy. I use a slightly wide and narrow brush to put the gold foil on – as shown in photo. Take small chunks of the gold and place it gently on the glued surfaces. Foil gold weighs very little so you have to work with the extremely thin leaves somewhere where there is no wind.

When I finished the gold work, I found a little water-based acrylic color. I use a small piece of a washing-up sponge that I cut as shown, to apply the paint with.

Then I dabbled the paint very lightly on the figure with the sponge. If you put on too much paint, it can be wiped off with a wet cloth.

It’s easy to change shapes or other things like jars, pots or something with a little gold and a little paint and recycled stuff and flea finds quickly get new life. And then it’s fun ;0)

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