DIY blue fluted decoupage jar

One of my favorite frames is and will be the Danish blue fluted dinnerware, designed in 1775 at the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory. The pattern is stylized chrysanthemum and potential with leaflets.

Like the green 60s jar in the previous post, plates and lids from my blue fluted tableware are photographed from above and then printed on plain photo paper, cut out and decoupage on a, in this case, giant jar of decoupage glue varnish.

The jar that I have chosen to decoupage is a fairly ordinary gray, slightly dull, jar which was first sprayed blue at the bottom and then silver at the top. The jar is sprayed a total of 4 times with each color.

They it was dry I put the jar up on the kitchen table as for me it is a real work height. Then I smeared, with a brush, decoupage glue on the jar and glued the circles on so they overlap. Brush well with decoupage glue on top of the circles so that there is both glue under and on top of the circles.

When the decoupage was finished, the jar was left to dry until the next day.

I glued leaf metal silver on the jar neck, this is shown in a previous post(

Finally, I brushed the jar with 3 times wood varnish, one coat at a time and drying time approx. 3 hours each time.

It is a pleasant job and not difficult. Can you find a used or worn jar it is only an advantage. Really good fun; 0)

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