Santa’s guard parade

No Christmas table without Santa.

Santa’s been up all night – delivering Christmas presents. Pink and black glitter paper, gold pipe cleaner, recycled note paper, red and white crepe paper, small red cotton ball for nose, 2 stand. rolling eyes and a twig of artificial holly.

Start by cutting a cone out of a 1/4 circle. Draw Santa’s belt as shown on black glitter paper.

Glue the belt on and turn the cone into place and glue. Next, form a square of a gold pipe cleaner and glue on the belt.

For a tassel, cut a piece of red crepe paper. Bend the paper and glue together at the top. Cut along the curved side.

Bend the two glued papers together and glue together at the top and cut along the bent side. There are now 4 layers of glued papers as shown.

Cut fringes through the 4 layers of crepe paper as shown.

Apply glue to the top as shown and roll the fringes as shown into a tassel.

Cut a piece of the tip of the cone and glue the tassel down into the hole.

Bend a piece of paper and cut a mustache in white paper and use it as a model. Bend a piece of recycled note paper and cut the mustache.

Make the fringe of the mustache as you made the tassel without rolling, but glue it on as shown on the back of the beard.

Give evt. Santa’s beard a little snow glitter.

Apply glue to the back of the beard and glue it on Santa as shown.

Next, glue the nose, eyes and holly twig on as shown. Your Santa is done and ready to stand guard at the Christmas table. Have fun and Merry Christmas; 0)

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