Plates decorating the wall

There is something breathtakingly beautiful when using fine porcelain plates as decoration. In the recycling shops and flea markets, there are thousands of beautiful old plates that can be bought for little money. For less than 100 DKK you can make the most beautiful wall decoration. Depending on temperament, colors and seasons, you can change the plates on your wall, some, or just one at a time. As you can see here, I have flowering plates up during the summer, but in autumn I change some of them with plates in golden colors and for Christmas with Christmas plates. In this way, you have a wall decoration in constant motion. Some plates are precious ornate and are used especially as decoration. Others can be used as service on special occasions. Special plates are called Platters e.g. from B&G and Royal Copenhagen. Originally they were intended as Christmas gifts for servants who got goodies on them. If you want to make your own plate wall decoration, it’s both easy and inexpensive, and it’s fun to find new plates to switch out with. You can buy a plate suspension at the hardware store or on the web, either as a spiral suspensions or as hooks glued on the back of the plate. Enjoy ;0)

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