Give your flea market recycling chair a new cover

I love recycling. At a flea market I found these beautiful Danish designed chairs. They are from the 1960s and very beautiful and simple in their design.

I have chosen to reupholster them, (the old upholstery is under the new one), but partly the black upholstery was worn and partly I thought the black color was very noticeable in the yellow hallway where the chairs stand.

It is easy to change covers. It requires 1 m. Of furniture fabric, (for 2 chairs), and a staple machine.

Start by unscrewing the chair seat. On this chair it was light as the seat is only fastened with 2 screws.

Cut the fabric into a suitable square so that there is plenty of fabric to bend over as shown.

Make sure that the pattern on the fabric is straight in relation to the seat. Clamp the 2 opposite sides while pulling on the fabric so that it fits snugly. Then clip the 2 opposite sides in the same way so that the fabric fits nicely tight on the seat.Next, clip the corners by starting by clipping in the middle of the corners and then pulling the fabric into place by pulling it and clipping the fabric in small folds around. Remember that if you have clipped incorrectly, you can just pull the clip up again by gently pulling on the fabric and trying again.

When you are all the way around, cut off the excess fabric and cut the fabric that “struts” tight so that it is level with the seat. Screw the seat back on and that chair has a new look. It’s easy. 

Have fun; 0)

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