Easy Valentines Delight

Do you need to pamper someone you care about? You can make these Ruby chocolate delights the day before or 20 min. before using them. They are also a hit as a gift and taste heavenly.

These Valentines Delight are easy to make. It only takes 15 min. It is made of 125g. Ruby chocolate, 25g. cornflakes, 20g.almond splitter, 25g. marshmallows and small red heart metal molds. Freeze-dried raspberries and gold flakes have been used for decoration.

Start by cutting the marshmallows into small pieces. Pour it into a bowl with cornflakes and almond splinters. Melt the ruby chocolate in the microwave and pour the filling into the melted chocolate. Fill the molds with chocolate cornflakes filled with a teaspoon. Then sprinkle freeze-dried raspberries over and finally gold flakes. Place in the fridge until they are ready to eat. Welcome and enjoyment; 0)

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