From boring worn to beautiful ArtDeco

An old, worn and boring table, found at a flea market, has by few means been given a new and shiny life. I love the ArtDeco period which is from 1920-1939. The style has experienced a resurgence several times. It still influences contemporary art and design.

Originally, ArtDeco can be related to constructivism, cubism, modernism, bauhaus, Art Nouveau and futurism.

The table here is quite easy to make but requires patience as there are many coats of covering and paint that each must dry for each layer. Likewise, it takes several hours to cover the foot with first gold spray and then leaf metal. But it is not expensive in materials.

Start by cleaning the foot with the painter’s and release the table top. Then spray the foot with gold spray. The table top is painted with a paint roller in the base color which here is the red heart. It is painted 3 times before the color covers.

The heart is cut in a foil which was bought from a sign company. When the table top is well dry, the foil is mounted where you want the heart to be. Then repaint the edges again with red paint to close off the next coat of paint so that the edges will be sharp when the foil is later removed. Same procedure with all the fields you want on your table. Cover, finish with the previous color, dry and repaint with the new color. 3 times with each color. This is why it takes a few days to paint patterns.

Remove the cover as you finish the color layers. Finally, paint the edge of the table. Here the edge is gently painted white without hitting the painted table top. Finally, the plate has been given 3 times wood varnish. The plate should harden a few days before use for the varnish to be strong enough.

Glued sheet of gold metal with a glue stick, small pieces at a time and finally when it heals it is dry, it is treated with 2 times wood varnish. This gives the antique look.

The table cost dkr. 100,-, paint, varnish and sheet gold metal approx. dkr. 350, –

Really good fun; 0)

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