Galerie Salskov & Dagmar Njord

When a great photographer and a recycling designer find each other, recycling and art flow together creating and magic and stories. GalerieSalskov and DagmarNjord´’s new collaboration will work under the name SalskovNjord. Follow us here on the blog or visit #galeriesalskov

Recycling is great and so does it fit our environment. It’s going to be a great trip.

Old recycled vases and a fantastically intense portrait.

Interior with one recycling. The individual and personal style is easy to make with recycling. Old yellow doors have become French walls, striped chair, home-made striped pillow and striped vases put together with a sculptural hand-braided lamp. In front an old rug.

Strong colors and beautiful portrait. Red-blue chair in company with homemade tables and red recycled vases.

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