Love Donald Duck – and Decoupage

It’s no secret that I love Disney- and I love Donald Duck.

I was given a small cabinet by my old friend who was cleaning up. Actually, it was going to be thrown away, but she thought it was worthwhile to hear if I could see opportunities in it. It was a challenge I had to try. 

I’ve often thought about recycling old Donald Duck comics so why not now?

10 old comic books, decoupage glue, a brush and scissors and then start to cut and glue. Decoupage  is one of the most relaxing work. I love to cut and glue, so what’s not to like. 

In order to be able to cover the door and legs, small pieces of images must be cut so that it is possible to follow the arches. Add glue to the surface and then put the paper patches on and gently press the patches with the brush. 

The small cupboard was dry overnight and then received 3 rounds of water-based glossy varnish was added. It’s easy and I love the result. The old worn closet has now become fun, smart and quite its own.

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