Moomins Christmas tale DIY cone

At 75, the Mummy Troll is an older gentleman, but much loved. My kids have grown up with the fat, lovable, white troll and all his amazing friends and they are still huge fans of him. Once a Mummy fan – always a Mummy fan. That’s why we had to have the Mummy Troll on our Christmas tree.

Tove Jansson’s stories and characters are known and loved by children and adults all over the world. The first book on the Mummies was published in 1945. Here, the Mummies are in search of his adventurous father, who is stuck at sea with the luminous Hatifnatter. Fortunately, he finds his father again and the Mummy- the home of the family. That’s the way the story is in most Mummy books. The Finnish-Swedish writer, painter and cartoonist has a special ability to combine the adventurous and the perilous with the homely and the cozy, the close and the distant. A contrast cemented by the icy and sharp northern lights that radiate over the Mummy family’s cozy tiled house.

I found some Mummy Christmas pictures online and have printed them out on paper. Next, I made a cardboard shape by, with a pair of compasses, drawing a quarter circle. I  place the cardboard shape on the picture prints, on the part of the picture I would like to take with me, and I draw with a pencil around the cardboard shape. Cut out the paper cone. I have used zigzag scissors but regular scissors are also fine.

Next, I cut some strips of crepe paper and cut the fringe down to one cm from the edge. Two fringe strips are needed for each paper cone, as the fringes are glued on top of each other so that the fringes are double.

Draw with a pair of compasses a line around the back of the cone. The line is used to glue the fringe strips on after, so that they sit straight, seen from the front.

Glue 2 fringe strips on top of each other with glue along the pencil edge.

Glue the zigzag ribbon along the edge. 

Glue along the other edge of the cone and “turn” the edge into place down the glued edge. Cut a handle (glue 2 pieces of paper together to the hank so that it becomes stable) and glue it on the inside of the cone in the middle of both sides.

If you want a “frosted” look on your cone, spray the cone with a thin layer of glue spray and sprinkle snow glitter over the sprayed surface. Let the cone dry for a few minutes. Now your  Mummy cones are ready for hanging.

Enjoy ;0)

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