Paintings painted with a kitchen sponge

There are many ways to paint a painting.

I have never learned to paint a painting so when I, many years ago, first painted a painting I had to figure out how along the way. As with everything I do, I learn by trying.

I figured out to cut a kitchen sponge into small pieces and dabbed the painting with acrylic paint because that was the only way I could figure out how to make shadows. That way I could dab paint “wet in wet”. New colors on top of the already wet layers of colors I had just painted. That way I could keep dabbing colors on and mixing the colors until I had the shade color I wanted. So simple and easy.

To this day, it’s still the only way I can paint but that is not a problem as long as I get the result that I want ; 0)

Kitchen sponges cut into small pieces and act as paint brushes. Simple and efficient.

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