Program 2 MesterSkaberne(Master Creators)

Did you see program 2 of MesterSkaberne on DR1? Yes of course you did ;0) Well, we’re on our way in MesterSkaberne. After a week we are feeling at home. It all falls more natural and we laugh and fool around. Anton and me, said the dog, start playing around instead of stressing and things are getting more fun. We feel at home in the processes and can immerse ourselves in the details – and we love to geek with details. Anton and I think amazingly alike and is there something we’re concerned about it is details. Often no one other than ourselves will see them, but we see them and that is what drives us. The first day of program 2 is the short task – 2 1/2 hours to transform an old worn beyond recognition coffee table. Well then, it is obvious to build a dog as a bench; 0D the idea came to us immediately when we saw the green lamp. The ears were made from a few leftovers from last week, which we sprayed green, and the tail is a spring from an old bed. And Vupti, there was a charming doggie with a bright head. The championship has really begun and we thrive – and win ; 0)

Here all our common efforts presented in the finest way.

Second day of program 2 – the big task. Tied materials are 4 old dining room chairs, which must be transformed into a bookcase. Well, we fix that. We thought about the task and started from the backs on the chairs, which we thought had a wonderful design. 4 modular boxes which could be inserted or stacked on top of each other. A piece of furniture that “shapes” as needed.

We started building one module. When we were satisfied with the design and process, we just had to copy the module 3 more times. The main problem was to keep the design as tight and thin as possible, without compromising stability. We succeeded after some trouble as we were stubborn and wanted to keep the idea of minimalistic and light.

The stability came to the test when the judge Søren Vester sat down on one of the modules!!!! But it was stable and yes, we knew that, because of course we had tested the stability ourselves. Design and functionality all came together, and we were in Top 3 with the modules. We were happy and had a party. If you have just had half as fun as us, you have been well entertained. See you next time om MesterSkaberne program 3 on DR1 next Wednesday, where it is all about garden furniture; 0)
Anton & Susanne

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