Recycled vase with silver lid

A recycled vase with a beautiful shape and a silver pelican on a cork intended for schnapps bottles was in my closet. I have long wanted to use the pelican and it fit nicely in the top of the slightly dull white vase. The shape of the vase reminds me of conch shells and then it was just a matter of finding pictures of all sorts of beach shells and getting started with scissors and lacquer glue.

The result is this beautiful and fun lid jar with a look from Mona Lisa, a beautiful medieval virgin, with an intense look, in a chaotic confusion with colorful beach shells.

The top of the jar is decorated with decoupage, lots of photo prints of beach shells, cut out and glued to the white vase. The neck of the vase is glued with gold and silver leaf and finally lacquered 3 times with water-based wood lacquer.

It is easy, cheap and cozy to sit and glue clippings on old recycled things and the result is significant.

The fine old silver pelican cork has got a pearl in its beak. Actually, the pelican is meant to be put in a schnapps bottle and poured up through the beak of the pelican, but since it has now been turned into a lid, I thought the pearl gave the pelican a fun look.

Photos printed on plain photo paper.

Gold and silver metal are glued on top of the vase before the work of gluing all the clippings begins. Just glue clippings on the whole vase until it is covered. When the vase is dry, varnish it with water-based wood varnish 3 times. The vase must be completely dry after each varnish layer before it is varnished again.

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