Rose cozy corner in the garden. This is truly Danish summer. Blue sky, pink watermelon and red strawberries. It’s hard not to like. Many flowers feature rose or pink shades. I love the color that, to me, seems pleasant and nice. Rose is the color that cling around and adapts. It pleases its surroundings. When the Japanese cherry trees blossom in April-May you know that it is finally spring. Rose is a pale red color that was first recorded in the 17th century, to describe pale red flowers. This color stands for beauty, elegance and goodness. Pink itself is a combination of red and white. Pink is romantic and intimate, feminine, loving, caring and extremely thoughtful. In Japan, the color is associated with masculinity. Once a year, the Pink cherry trees (Sakuras) bloom and they are said to represent young Japanese warriors (samurai) who fell into battle. So, the cultural perception of rose goes from the description of pale red flowers in the 17th. century, over the romantic and intimate and feminine to symbolize fallen Japanese warriors. Pastries taste better when served in rose colored boxes or on pink service. However, this applies only to sweets. The colour also gives us a craving for sugar.

The rose-pink cozy corner is a small oasis of calm and equilibrium which, when the sky is blue, is unbeatable.

I bought two wicker chairs from a secondhand shop and spray painted them in two pink shades, found an old blanket and sewn pink striped pillows. The pot and mugs are in red clay and glazed in pink-green shades. An old opaline white glass jug, an inflatable pouf and a sleepy  dog completes the picture; 0)

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