A tribute to Danish design on recycled dishes

I love Danish design and I love recycling.

I also love mixing both. With some photo copies of Danish design, a little gold spray and a little glue varnish, this bamboo recycling dish has become an elegant table dish with a tribute to Danish design.

I started by sanding the dish lightly to get rid of the worst blemishes after which I sprayed the dish with gold spray on both sides. Then I found a brush and started by pasting pictures on. As you can see here, I just cut out the copies and glued the pictures on and finally carefully cut the pictures to the edge along the dish.

Then I varnished the dish 3 times with water-based wood varnish. Simple and easy; 0)

The dish before and after gold spary.

Photo copied images on plain copy paper.

The beautiful Kristian Vedel Modus chairs.

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