Blue fluted angels

I got to wondering today how many circles you can actually build an angel out of. The answer is 3.5 circles.

These mussel-painted parts are super easy to make. Here I have just photographed my mussel painted plates and printed them out in different sizes. Then I used a cotton ball for the hoof and some gold crepe paper for the halo. A little snow glitter completes the angel and that’s all. It couldn’t be easier. Follow the recipe below :0)

Start by printing out a large circle (10 cm.) and a smaller circle (6 cm.). I spray-painted the cotton ball light pink by putting the cotton ball on a grill stick and painting it. It dries within 10 min. Next, I have glued 2 layers of gold crepe paper together so that the halo is gold colored on both soots and cut a circle of 2.5 cm.

The large circle is cut in half. Only a 1/2 circle should be used. The half circle is glued together to form a peddler’s house.

The small circle is bent in half and glued together to form wings.

Next, the head is glued to the top of the peddler’s house and the wings are glued to the back in the bend.

Then the halo is glued to the back of the angel’s head.

Finally, I sprayed the angel’s body and wings with spray glue and sprinkled snow glue on and the angel is finished

Have fun ;0)

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