Bovbjerg Fyr and upcycling

Bovbjerg Lighthouse and recycled gold

Inspiration comes from many angles. This inspiration comes from some wonderful holidays at Bovbjerg Lighthouse and visits to a recycling shop in Lemvig.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse is a stunningly beautiful place and a nature gem. My fascination with clouds comes to its fulls here. The wind drives them off and creates new and amazing shapes minute by minute. I wanted to capture the image of the lighthouse and the clouds with the recycled table and the image from beautiful Lemvig which is only a few kilometers away from the lighthouse.

Bovbjerg lighthouse was built between 1876 and 1877 and was first lit on December 30, 1877. The flame height of the lighthouse is 62 meter, while the tower itself is only 26 meters high as it stands on a high slope. 

The lighthouse character is two white flashes every 10 seconds. Since 1978, like other Danish lighthouses, it has been managed from Fornæs Fyr, and it still lights up. In clear weather, the light can be seen at 16 nautical miles (29.5 kilometers) distance.

There are 93 steps up to the viewing balcony. From here you look out over Bovbjerg, which is an unspoilt ice age landscape, where bold green grassland extends all the way out to the 40-metre high cliff towards the sea.

I spotted the old wicker console table and the beautiful oil painting. The table has been spray painted with scarlet red and the frame of  the picture is spray painted with silver spray.

Also, on the table are turquoise glass vases, the Mr. Watson lamp and another flea-found Murano glass tub. The chair is Phillippe Starck Ero also found at a flea shop.

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