Crocus Christmas trees with hints of spring

The crocus Christmas trees are actually made because I bought 2 sheets of Christmas glossy pictures and thought they were so beautiful on a green background. In addition, I had some silk flower crocus and holly found at a flea market lying and the colors together were beautiful. Then the art was just to get something out of the parts and that’s how the Crocus Christmas trees came to be. I love them. A mixture of winter and spring has entered them at the same time as they almost dance across the table.

The crocus Christmas trees consist of glossy pictures, green glitter paper, green metal pipe cleaners, a silk flower crocus and an artificial twig of holly. In addition, spray glue, snow glitter and green glitter, a glue chair and glue stick.

Start by drawing a template in cardboard. Draw a 1/4 circle and cut a small piece off the side so that 1/4 is slightly smaller than a 1/4 circle. Next, the Christmas trees are cut out with a zigzag scissors. Then glue the gloss pictures on with a glue stick.

Spread glue with the glue stick along one side and turn the Christmas tree in place as shown. Use scissors to stick into the Christmas tree so you can press the glue together using the scissors as a counterweight. There is too little space to get your hand into the tip.

Cut silk flower crocus and leaves of the bouquet and spray them with spray glue. Then sprinkle with snow glitter.

Form circles of the pipe cleaners and braid them together. They are made of steel wood so it is lightweight. Using the glue gun, gently glue a crocus to the circle. Spray with a little spray glue where the Crocus is glued on and sprinkle with green glitter to cover the glue and visually to make the Crocus “grow together” with the wreath. then a twig of artificial holly is glued on.

Glue the large leaf on top of the Christmas tree as shown and then circle the wreath. Finally, cover the icing with a little green glitter. Then your Crocus Christmas tree is done. Have fun; 0)

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