DIY New Year’s candlesticks of used wine bottles

The beautiful wine bottle candlesticks are cheap and easy to make. They require empty wine bottles, a little gold spray, a little glue spray, silver glitter, remnants of ribbons, a little tinsel, various artificial berries and some silver stars.

Start by spraying the cleaned wine bottles as shown. Let them dry. Next, spray the top of the neck of the wine bottle and sprinkle with silver glitter.

Find some remnants of ribbon and cut a piece off and cross it out as shown. Where the tape crosses, the tape is glued with a blob of glue with a glue gun.

Tie loops, 2 for each bottle, and glue them together crosswise with a blob of glue. Next, glue the loop crosses on the ribbon on the bottle as shown.

Find some decorations that you want to use. Here are some artificial berries, some stars and strips of tinsel. Start by cutting a strip of tinsel into 4 pieces and glue them to one of the berries as shown.

Glue the berry in the middle of the loops and the rest as you see around in a bouquet. Glue a star to the neck of the bottle. Then your New Year’s stage is over. It is easy. Have fun; 0)

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