Easter bunny decoupage dish with a touch of blue fluted.

A flea find bamboo dish has come in the Easter bunny mood. Making decoupage is both cheap, fun, easy and cozy work.It only requires a little decoupage glue, a brush, a pair of scissors, some prints, pictures or old advertisements and one thing you want you want to give “new” life.

have a weakness for Easter bunnies. They are so fine and beautiful. I found some nice pictures on the web and printed them out on plain printer paper. Next, just cut them out and glue them to the dish with a brush. Brush with glue both below and above the pictures. Decoupage glue also works as a varnish.

When the whole dish was filled with pictures, I cut out some extra hares and glued them on top of the same hares but so the ears now came on top of the edges.

I cut 4 blue fluted circle flowers out of a napkin and glued them on one side. Next, just varnish the dish 3 times with glue the varnish with an hour in between. Glue varnish dries in a small hour. It’s the nicest job and very easy. Have fun; 0)

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