The outdoor spaces of the garden can, for me, be ranked alongside the house’s indoor space. They have their own purpose and design. Often also each their color.
Flowerpots provide the opportunity to decorate and modify the décor according to temperament, needs and season.

If you choose pots, which are hard-burned, with glaze, or salt glazed, they are often frost-proof and should not need to be moved inside during winter. However, you also have to make sure that the plant in the pot tolerates frost.
Red clay pots are not frost-proof, as they are not burned at as high temperatures as hard-burned pots.

Pots offer many decorating possibilities, but also obligations. They must be watered ;0)

In hot summers like in 2018, it was a bit of work to irrigate the total of 388 pots that I have in my garden. However, the joy outweighs the hassle.
In part of my pots I have planted Hostas. It’s a drought-tolerant leaf plant. This type of plant does not require near the same care and watering as summer flowers. Hosta creates atmosphere and is available in many green shades and sizes.
They are easily divided with a spade in the spring when they have just shooted. Make a notch straight into the plant and divide it into 6-8 parts and plant these in pots. I tend to separate them in 4. All my hundreds of hostas originated from two mother plants that I was given 22 years ago.

Herbs are also a hit in pots. Mint MUST BE in pots if you do not want mint in the whole garden within a few years. In fact, like blackberries, mint has long aggressive undercurrent shots which are easier to control in pots.

The beautiful lily, Agapanthus, is a fantastic plant with its giant blue inflorescences. Only rule regarding Agapanthus is that it must be kept frost-free in the winter.

Summer flowers, stemmed roses, Buxus etc. are all suited plants for the outdoor room. One of my favorites is large glazed pots with one kind of plants, in rows or groups – it’s a great sight ;0)

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