Gobling exist ;o)

Gobling exist ;0)

In 2003, during an excavation in Den Gamle By (The Old Town), an open air town museum in Århus, Denmark then Christmas inspector Benno Blæsild found a small wooden chest. In the coffin lay the mortal remains of a goblin.

Wear marks on the goblin’s teeth showed that it was a goblin in his prime. He was buried with a hat, scarf and clogs, and his relatives had given him a bowl of porridge in the grave.

Today, the little goblin is laid to rest in the goblin attic floor in Den Gamle By´s Christmas house.

But he is very hard to find. You really have to look. I can reveal so much that you have to enter through a small gap in the floor and lie flat on your stomach and look through a small hole.

That’s just what I did and see for myself.

Goblins exist if you believe in them – and I do ;0D

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