Welcome to my creative engine room.

That orange became the chosen color is due to the color of my sewing scissors. So orange sewing scissors –lead to orange sewing space ; 0)

Orange color symbolism: Orange is a warm color. Think of fire, which, among other things, symbolizes enthusiasm or being kindled by something. Orange is a secondary color that is mixed with the two primary colors (basic colors) yellow and red. The human eye perceives orange when it sees light with a dominant wavelength between 585 and 620 nanometer.

Orange is the color of joy and the creativity. The color promotes a sense of general well-being and emotional energy, such as compassion, passion and warmth. Orange increases the activity urge, promotes socialization, stimulates mental activity and increases oxygen supply to the brain, and enhances the sense of satisfaction and safety.

If you want to play around with colors yourself, whether it is wall paint or paint for furniture, remember that you can create a variety of shades and tones from a tub of orange paint.

If you want lighter orange, mix a little white in the paint.

If you want a darker orange, mix a little black in the paint.

Be careful not to get too much black or white in your orange paint at once. Stir the paint well with a stir and check the result so that you do not change the original orange too much. Mix black and white a little at a time. You can always add more.

Recycled furniture and Flea market finds can get a whole new life with a bit of paint, and remember, you can always re-paint in another color. Only the imagination sets limits ;0D

As with everything else, most of the things in my sewing room are either recycled or upcycled. The beautiful orange chair and the little matching carpet have been found at the Århus Klunsere in Lading, the wicker chair and the painted orange table are from a recycled shop, the two images on the wall next to the wicker chair are art canvases that are glued on the remnants of plywood sheets (surplus from a mosaic table) painted the same color as the wall.

In the picture with the scissors is an ongoing project, which must become a birthday tablecloth. More about this project later ;0)

If you, like me, are fond of food, it is probably not a good idea to paint your kitchen orange, as the color increases the appetite – Bon Appetit ;0)

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