Personalised DIY gift tags made on wood slices

I was cutting some logs and came to wonder if it was possible to make anything other than wood logs out of them. I cut some slices of the wood and took them into my creative workshop. After looking at the discs for a while I came to think of gift tags. Most gift tags are thrown away and that is a huge waste of resources. What if you could make tags that told a story and were hung on the Christmas tree right away. 

On my tags is part of my dear family. Lovely memories and great love. On the back of the tag is written who the gift is to and from. You can also write the year on it. 

The tags are easy to make. If you can’t cut slices yourself, you can easily get an acquaintance to cut some for himself. All it takes is a saw. The slices are about 0.5 cm thick.

Find some photos of the portraits you’d like to use, or as shown here, napkins with a blue fluted pattern and cut them, so they fit the wooden disc. I cut out photos with zigzag scissors because I think it looks nice. The napkins are cut into the appropriate sizes and disassembled. You only need the top layer.
My photos are on my PC, so I print them out on paper. I can have a lot of photos on a piece of paper.

Brush plenty of glue varnish on the disc and place the photo and brush glue varnish on top of the entire photo and disc. Let dry. Drill a hole at the top of the disc and spray it with spray glue and sprinkle snow glitter over.

Tie a small loop and glue it with glue gun loop over the hole at the edge, then pull a ribbon into the hole and tie a knot on the ends.

Then the gift tag is ready for you to write your personal message on the back.  Enjoy ;0)

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