Toilet rolls are never in short supply with us. I save them, because there is always something you can use a toilet roll for.

Such as. to a starry sky and on top of that they are extremely easy to make. The stars are beautiful in bouquets, on Christmas toes, in the window or on the Christmas present.

Follow the recipe below and become star-happy ;0

Start by pressing the toilet roll flat.

Next, cut approx. 1 cm. wide pieces of the roll as shown. Cut notches at the ends without cutting all the way to the edge. The roll must still hang together at the ends.

Glue the parts together as shown here. The parts are slid over each other and glued with a dab of glue in the middle. First the two pieces and then glue the last one in the middle of the first 2.

Next, glue is sprayed on both sides of the star and sprinkled with glitter.

Finally, tie a bow and a piece of ribbon. Pull the ribbon through one of the points of the star and tie a knot. Next, glue the small bow at the top of the notch. It’s that easy to make a star.

Have fun ;0)

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