It is easy and cheap to give an old recycled painting new life. It can turn into modern art in just an hour.

I found this beautiful old painting for only 100, – dk. in a flea marked but thought it was a bit dark. With a glue stick and a little gold leaf (percussion metal), the cheap version of gold leaf, I have put some gold stripes on the painting and now it has become lighter and modern in its expression.

Start by cutting some gold leaf into strips and draw with pencil lines where you would like to glue gold leaf.

Apply thin lines of glue to the lines and gently dab the strips on the glue with your fingers or a small flat brush. Continue until you have the result you want.

Percussion metal (goldleaf) can be bought online and in hobby shops and does not cost much money. So the painting has cost approx. 130, – dk. Total. An easy and cheap way to get “new” art.

Have fun; 0)

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