“the EYE egg”

“the EYE egg” is the story of the origin of all life which starts in an egg and the eye – the “mirror of the soul”.

But can one really see into the soul through the eye alone? Can the eye stand alone? If you ask science whether you can read emotions in the eye alone and what is going on in our soul, the clear answer is no.

“We show our feelings to others through subtle variations in the very small muscles in the face – especially around the eyes. The muscle contractions usually happen automatically and unconsciously and can determine whether we look sad or happy by, among other things, controlling how open or narrowed the eyes are.

In psychology, it is a popular theory that there are six basic emotions that can be recognized in facial expressions across cultures: joy, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise and fear.

The theory was originally put forward by the American researcher Paul Ekman and has had a major impact in psychology.

When we look angry, we activate the oblique muscles and possibly also the eye ring muscles, so that the area around the eyes contracts. When we are alert, we raise our eyebrows slightly and get a more open expression. When we are happy, we lift the rest of the face with a smile, which together with the sphincter muscles on the side of the eye, gives smile wrinkles to the side in front of the eyes.

It is therefore not only the eyes that are the mirror of the soul, but a combination of facial expressions, context and the eyes that can reveal how we actually feel.

“the EYE egg” is made from goose and chicken eggs. The eggs are first dyed with different colors by boiling in a pot, then a graphic eye is decoupaged, after which gold leaf-silver and bronze are added. The eye is then carefully painted with a red powder color to finally be varnished 3 times with high-gloss varnish with a 5-hour rest time between each varnishing. Finally, the ribbon and bow are mounted.

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