Greenhouse dreams. I’ve had the dream of a greenhouse just as long as I can remember. For me it is a tremendous joy and a free space. I love getting things to grow. To see small miracles in the form of tiny seeds evolve to large plants in just a few months. In my greenhouse, as with anything else, it is recycling that prevails. The white wicker furniture is bought in recycling shops and spray-painted white. As you may have discovered, if you have looked at my other posts, I have a weakness for buying used wicker furniture and paint them. It is a cheap and, in my opinion, beautiful way to get “new” garden furniture. Also, old Majolica flower pots are one of my weaknesses. I love the old fine pots and find great joy in planting color matching flowers in them. I have an ambivalent relationship to old copper plaquettes. I love and hate them, but right here in the greenhouse, they make sense. They stand majestically on the edge of the greenhouse windows and reflect the sunlight in a special way. Along with the brown wicker chairs, they give a special comfort. The cushions are sewn from fabric leftovers and funny, quirky things have found space around the greenhouse. In my greenhouse I have yellow, orange, green and black tomatoes, pepper, chili, basil, parsley, curry, apricots, roses, pelargoniums, wine, and a mix of flowers. Having a greenhouse is a huge privilege. It extends the season and gives tremendous joy. In particular, joy of life ;0).

The round “rice paper” lamps are solar lamps in a material that is resistant to being outdoors. This means that there is light in the greenhouse in the evening and at night without the use of power.

Old Copper Plaquettes. They can be found everywhere at flea markets and often for almost no money. Weatherproof solar lamps provide light in the greenhouse at night time, completely without power ;0)

Beautiful and old Majolica pots.

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