Susanne is in full swing creating Christmas spirit in the Old City of Aarhus, so I have been allowed to make another guest post.

This time I would like to show how happy I am for ceramics. Actually, I’m probably a little atypical in collecting ceramics, as I am mostly interested in whether I like the expression, rather than the stamp that is at the bottom.

All my ceramics are flea finds or heritages and I love to come home with a ‘new’ piece of pottery and find out where it should be displayed in my collection.

The pieces from Søholm are heirlooms A beautiful blue pottery lady in the company of matching vase and jug Red is always nice… Who can stand for these pottery ladies and a single pottery gentleman The blue Søholm stuff is relatively new in my collection. The lamp has got a new screen from IKEA. The fine box with the elephant was found at a flea market with Susanne.

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